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Homework Page

Homework 1

1) Read Lynda.com H.O.T – Ch.1 (pdf available here).

2) Posted a self-introduction in the Dreamweaver Forum under “Student Profiles”. Include my name, reason why I'm taking this class, personal interests and professional ambitions. Make sure I created a new topic and didn't reply to someone else's introduction.

3) Before I posted to the forum I registered.

4) Installed all required software.

5) Purchased the required text.

6) Made myself familiar with this site layout, class policies, etc.

7) Emailed response questions (puting my answers in the body of the email, no attachment):
- What is a WYSIWYG editor? Give one example.
- What is a plain text editor? Give one example.
- What is a hyperlink?
- What are three points to remember when naming your files?
- What is JavaScript and what are some of its common uses?
- Who is the WC3?