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Bob Conti
Performer - Composer - Producer



Bob Conti, iconic percussionist, writer, performer, and producer, is the newest endorsee of Synthetic Drumsticks by Duratech, a division of Players Music Accessories. Conti currently plays percussion for Jose Feliciano and can be heard on more than 180 albums worldwide. New Bob Conti signature sticks are now available from Players Music.

Just off a tour of South America, Conti offered his commentary on Duratech's Signature series 5A and F14 sticks. "Let's start with the all important sound," he said. "When I play rim shots on timbales or drums, the sound is crisp and clear like never before. When I am playing cascara on the sides of the timbales, my signature series sticks project so much better than the traditional wooden sticks I used to use--not to mention the fact that they don't splinter and break so easily. Regarding 'feel', I use Duratech tape for a solid and comfortable 'grip that won't slip'. If you're a metal or heavy rock drummer, try the 2B with Gorilla Grips. The difference is astounding.


Bob Conti Signature series drumsticks are available in black with blue pinstripes on the 5A and solid black on the F14 model, with Bob's own signature on each stick. They retail for $16.75 and $15.70, respectively.

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