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Homework 3

1) Read Lynda.com H.O.T – Ch.3 (pg.36 - 77).

2) Emailed my site definition, naming the file by my last name (bewer.ste).

3) Uploaded an index.html webpage to my Tripod site. The content on the webpage was the answer to my homework questions.
Page elements included:
- Styled text, i.e. font type , size, color and alignment
- External link to relevant site
- At least 2 different images
- Page background, i.e. picture or color
- Page TitleKeyword and Description meta data

4) Emailed questions response:
- What is the difference between a relative and absolute URL? Gave an example of each.
- What is the advantage of managing files, i.e. renaming, moving, and deleting files, through Dreamweaver's Files Panel?
- What is the significance of a webpage named index.html?
- What DOCTYPE should you be using for your pages?
- Why is <em> and <strong> preferred over <b> and <i>?